December 12

My Elf On The Shelf, Ben!

My elf’s name is Ben.This is what he has been up to for the last 5 times he has been active…

Day 1: Playing on my brother’s ipad!

Day 2: Stuck in a toilet roll and on the roll it said HO HO HO!

Day 3: Reading a book on my bed!

Day 4:In a stocking!

Day 5: Covered in flour because he had a cooking disaster!

November 14

My Dance Rehearsal!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday, I had my dance rehearsal.

When we got there I had to get checked off the list of names.  Then we went up the stairs in to the audience. I had to sit in the front 3 rows, My first dance I did was a jazz dance so I had to change my shoes… Next was Hip-hop, Then jazz, then hip-hop, then jazz and right after jazz it was hip hop so I had to wear my jazz shoes for hip-hop!

On the  way home I almost fell asleep because I had done so so so  much dancing on that day.


November 2

My Weekend…

On Sunday I went with my friends Hariyett and Gretel and thier parents Prue + Grant. We went to get our photos done.  Prue took us because she is a photographer.

Prue thought to come to the school because we could use all the play equipment.  She also thought we could get some good photos of me and Gretel jumping in puddles. After all of that we went back to her house to see the photos she took. She took 49 of us but only kept 33!

Then we went in their inground pool in their back yard. We did lots of underwater photos of us doing gymnastics tricks. After that we went inside to see the photos/videos.

I had a great weekend.

October 17

The 5 sentence challenge…

MY TOPIC: My Weekend:

On my weekend I was playing with my friend and she hurt herself and this is how. It was at the park.  She was playing soccer aganist me and she fell over and scraped herself. So she was crying for 10 minutes then we walked home. She was struggling the whole way home and I had to give her a piggyback.

The END… was I succeesful?

October 13

My Dancing Update!!

For the last 4 years I have been doing dance (Hip-hop And Jazz) but I also used to do Ballet somewhere else.

I was in the kids group for 2 years and then they moved me up into junior.  In junior you do set dances and perform them in December. I have 11 dances to perform in 1 night.

October 5

My Olympic Project!!!

My Olympic projects are… a mobile all about  LARRISA MILLER who is an Aussie Olympic gymnast. It says ‘Larrisa’s first Olympics were this year(2016)’ on 1 dangle thing, and on the other it says ‘Larrisa was born on July the 12th 1992.  Larrisa is 1.4 m tall…and  also she had a very clean routine this year because she she didn’t mess up!

My other project is a diorama of a girl doing a leap on a beam. The girl is Shawn Jhonsen from the USA. 

September 11

Father’s Day!!!

On Father’s Day ( 4th of September)…  I went to my friend’s house after they came back from Kyabram.                     I went on the tramp then climbed on the fence then to the cubby house, onto the roof and finally JUMPED on to a tramp!!!!!  After that we went on MUSICAL.LY  to do a live stream of us dancing!

My dad and I then went home and we had dinner and dessert.                                                                                                              P.S: I made my dad food for him all day long!!!



September 6

My 9th Birthday!!

On Saturday it was my birthday… I went camping.  It was so fun!

It kinda got wrecked because I had to go watch my sister grand final game of netball.  But it was worth it because they WON!!!  Later on that day we had a chocolate sponge cake.  It was yummy…. I mean really yummy.

Then after 3 days camping we went home and I got presents and so far my favourite is probably my fishing rod from my mum and dad.